Friday, October 30, 2009


This statement was made before a Georgia legislative committee considering granting Georgia Power the funding IN ADVANCE! to pay for a new nuclear reactor (unneeded, expensive, dangerous, too long a lead time to be relevant to climate change, a pre-positioned nuclear device to a terrorist - etc;) The legislature, in its great wisdom, passed the measure.

The apparently irresistible lobbying and campaign contributions that seduced national legislators into signing onto privatization and deregulation schemes over the past decades brought us to the economic melt-down we are now just beginning to enjoy.

The push for SB31 is more of the same. I hope you’ll consider that history and two other things in your deliberations:

Nuclear power is the wrong horse;

This bill is an industry fantasy and a consumer rip-off.

The drawing depicts how the pro-nukers carefully consider all the facts before setting policy. The Paley Commission, in the 50s, made the recommendations listed after doing a study on future U.S. energy needs and policy makers promptly reversed them.The motivation then seemed to be to mask nuclear weapons development behind a facade of "peaceful nuclear energy too cheap to meter." - not the first, nor sadly the last, manipulative promise to be made by gummint & nukers - boys and their toys.

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