Friday, February 4, 2011

The Shrewdest of Bargainers

Some pundits explain away U.S. installation and/or support for heinous criminal dictators all over the planet as just the goofy bumbling of well-meaning good ol’ boys. Others recognize that the policies are deliberately crafted decisions meant to further U.S. (read corporate) interests.

Just so, some consider Obama a poor and na├»ve bargainer outmaneuvered by right wing republicans and bankers. Continuing the parallel, others suggest that when Obama gives up the public option, medicare for all, in exchange for a watered down health plan that primarily benefits insurance companies, when he grants more or less permanent tax cuts for the rich and throws the unemployed a meager temporary extension of unemployment payments, when he protects Israeli disregard for basic human rights and expansion while lecturing Venezuela about democracy, when he decides to “look forward”, ignoring high crimes and misdemeanors of the previous administration and sends his FBI to harass and intimidate peace workers… with such a consistent record one could be forgiven for suspecting that, far from bungling, these policies reflect the real world values of a paid up member of the class that rules.

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