Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nukes Again...

Nuclear Watch South (formerly GANE)

We would like to highlight the following, issues which are not adequately addressed by the Department of Energy, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission nor the Nuclear Power industry.

the dangers of terrorism and insider sabotage at Nuclear sites:
• nuclear power plants have shown lax security in the past with 50% penetration in mock attacks, even when security KNEW the dates & times of infiltration.
• Cooling ponds are even more vulnerable than the reactors themselves. The spent fuel in these ponds would burst into flames if exposed to air, dispersing radioactivity widely.
• It is very doubtful whether a reactor could withstand impact from a 911 airliner attack
• It should be noted that wind and solar panels do not spread extremely long-lived toxins when blown up.

Water Usage:
• The two new reactors contemplated at Plant Vogtle would use the equivalent of the residential water use of Savannah, Augusta and Atlanta, an impact the NRC, during a time of severe drought, incredibly labels “small”.
• The water that is returned to the river will be at high temperatures, negatively impacting river habitat
• The water that is lost, 2/3, as vapor is a global warming gas.

It is ironic that the ideological sector most loudly worshipping at the alter of the “free market” is calling for taxpayer subsidies for an industry that cannot compete in that market.

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